Successfully Get Root Access On Android 10 (Google Pixle 3 XL) With Magisk

Though Android smartphones become more and more powerful, they are still many users want to have their devices rooted. Since the technology of Android system becomes more developed, it's harder and harder to excavate Android loop. However, Kingoroot team has tried many other tools for rooting. We successfully rooted Google Pixel 3 XL which updated to Android 10 with Magisk. Here to show the detailed tutorial.

Notice: Android 10 can't flash the Magisk via TWRP, because twrp doesn't support Android 10. We get root access with Magisk by flashing the patched of boot.img of Magisk. I will write the tutorial of how to update your Android 9 Pie to Android 10 on Google Pixel 3 XL later.

How to Root Android 10 (Google Pixel 3 XL Android 10 as the example)


  • Google Pixel 3XL powered on with Android 10 without root access;
  • At least 50% battery level;
  • USB Cable (the original one recommended);
  • Install the adb and fastboot. Just download the Google SDK Platform-Tools package for using the adb and fastboot. on your Windows.
  • The Platform-Tools download websites:

  • Google Pixel3 XL official package - "crosshatch". Download URL:
  • Magisk Package. Download URL:

Step by Step to Root Your Android 10 with Magisk

Step 1: Plug your Android device into your computer via USB cable.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging mode on your android device.

USB Debugging mode enabled is a necessary step of Android rooting process.

What is USB Debugging Mode?

How to enable USB Debugging mode?

Step 3: Put the Android 10 package "crosshatch" into a file and unzip it. For example: .../google/ to get the file: .../google/crosshatch-qq3a.200605.002.a1/...

Step 4: Put the downloaded "platform-tools" zip to the "crosshatch" unzipped file to merge to one file.

Step 5: Unzip the Platform-Tools package you download and then press "Shift" and click the right mouse, select " Open the command line here". Or just input the "cmd" in the top address bar the press the "Enter".

You will get the "cmd" window. All the following "adb" commands and fastboot commands are entered under the DOS interface.

  • Check your device whether it connects to network by input the following command in under the DOS interface:
  • adb devices

    Check your USB and debugging if your device can't connect to network.

  • Turn the device to bootloader mode:
  • adb reboot bootload

Start to Root.

Step 6: Get the boot.img from the zip file

Put the boot.img into your mobile category: /sdcard/download/category or use the adb command:

adb push xxx/google/.../boot.img / /sdcard/Download/

Step 7: Install the MagiskManager apk, put it in the "sdcard" file.

Step 8: Open the MagiskManager, and update to the latest version.

Step 9: Select “Install” - “Select and Patch a file" - Select "boot.img" in the "/sdcard/Download/" file.

Waiting the Magisk patch the file completely. There will be a new file named "magisk_patched.img", and put this new patched file to the merged file in step 4, the same file with boot.img.

Step 10: Turn to the bootloader mode:

adb reboot bootloader

Step 11: Check the current partition of your mobile.

fastboot getvar current-slot

Wait the DOS return the result: "a" or "b".

Step 12: Flash the patched "magisk_patched.img"

fastboot flash boot_a magisk_patched.img
fastboot flash boot_b magisk_patched.img

Step 13: Reboot the device. Your Google Pixel 3 XL is successfully rooted.

fastboot reboot