How to Uninstall/Delete Bloatwares after Rooting via KingoRoot?

When the storage space of the phone runs out most of us will consider to uninstall the apps that are never used or seldom used. But you will notice that there are a bouch of apps that you never install or downloaded. And you can’t remove such unwanted apps.

You may have such questions:

What are Bloatwares?

Such apps and softwares that can not be deleted are called bloatwares. Bloatwares are loaded and preinstalled by manufactures and carriers. The bloatware varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, carrier to carrier, and sometimes even in model to model. They  will take up the storage space.If you don't use them they will just clutter your system,or even worse drain your battery in the background.

Why are the bloatwares installed on my phone without my permission?

The carriers preinstall some apps and softwares on your phone even though they are never be used. They hope that you can love the apps and will not change the carrier. For example you will never switch from the AT&Ts to Verizons and T-Mobiles of the world. So do the manafactures.

You may also find some apps from the third party and not from the carrier of the manufacturer but can not be uninstalled. The third party will pay the carrier or manufacturer so they can add apps on your device. Such apps included  music subscription service, game or anti-malware app. You can use them for free during a period of time but you will pay for them after the trail period.

What should you deal with the bloatwares?

There are three ways provided for you to choose: freeze the bloatwares, disable the bloatware or root your android device to uninstall the bloatware.

  1. Freeze the bloatwares
  2. Deleting some preinstalled apps may lead to some problem or instability. What’s worse such operation may block your phone from getting updates. If you are afraid such things happen you can choose to freeze the bloatwares.

    After freezing the apps will not appear in the app drawer and will not start automatically. But the freezing and unfreezing operation are instant processes. If you freeze a necessary app by mistake you can make changes easily.

  3. Disable the bloatware
  4. Since the recent versions of Android have the ability to disable the apps without rooting or the use of extra tools. You can disable the unwanted software to prevent it from running in the background.

  5. Root your android device
  6. But if the version of your Android have no such feature or the apps do not have the disable opition you have to root your phone. But you should keep in mind that Android rooting opens up a world of possibility, but it can also void your warranty or even leave you with a bricked device. You have to consider it carefully before you root your Android device.  If you want to root we recommend that you try KingoRoot which makes use of the exploits but not the model of the phone so it may have higher success rate. You can follow the turorials to root your undroid phone.

How to delete the bloatwares on a rooted device?

There are two options to delete the bloatwares on a rooted device.

The first is to install a new Rom. Every ROM avaliable will contain several pieces of new bloatwares. If you do not want to install the new firmware on your device you have another choice ---you can install a third-party app in the Google Play Store to help you remove the unwanted apps.

We hope the methods above can helpe you get rid of all the unwanted apps and save you the storage space.