How to Speed up/Boost Android Phone with L Speed after Rooting with KingoRoot

Your Android phone ran very fast when you first got it. As the time passed by you will find the performance of your Android OS starts to slow down. When you tap the home button or start a new app, it seems it takes a long time to switch to the new task or back to the desktop. Since there are many reasons that degrade the performance of the phone. So you need to find out why your Android phone performs poorly to decide which method to adopt. And also you can use L Speed app to speed up your Android and save battery after rooting. 

Why your Android phone performs poorly?

    There may be several reasons why your android device slows down over a period of use. You have to find out what results the slowness: the system itself, or the mutiple apps etc..

As we all know tons of downloaded apps, too much media files or cache files will take up the system space. Once the disk space is nearly full, your device will behave much more slowly. The apps that run in the background will also result in the slowness. For example there are some apps automatically open when you start your phone which will not only waste the CPU resources, but also slow down the system. Multi-tasking is a typical characteristic of the android phone and the apps may operate in the background at the same time if you do nothing about it.

    However, the slowness can be fixed by following the tips and tricks provided.

Ways to speed up your Android device without rooting

  1. Software updates
  2. Every time Google releases a new Android operating system there will be great improvements including updates that ensure stability, higher performance speed, fix some bugs and improve battery life. If you have not updated your Android phone you should. It will keeps your phone faster ,smoother, and will less likely crash your phone.

  3. Disable system apps
  4. The lack of RAM is the main reason why your Android device slows down. Apps running in the background will occupy RAM space. And you can reduce the RAM usage by disabling some the system apps that do not need to run in the background. There is a feature named disable option available in Android 4.0 and higher devices. You can select it to disable the system apps. As it might cause stability issues so just disable the apps that pre-installed on your phone by the carrier or the manufactures.

  5. Remove unwanted apps
  6. Every app you installed in your phone will take some storage space and runs background processes. If you install a bunch of apps most of the storage space will be occupied and this will slow down your device. So remove the apps that you never use or seldom use and just keep the ones you need.

  7. Do a factory reset
  8. After a time of use there will be a bunch of apps installed on your phone. Majority of the apps will never be used and run automatically in the background and take up precious storage space. If your phone have such issue, you can try to do a factory reset which will allow your phone to start fresh. You can also try to delete all the junk files and folders which are left behind by uninstalled apps by formatting the microSD card.

  9. Speed up with L Speed
  10. L Speed is one of the best app on Google Play that can help you speed up your Android. L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside an intuitive application, Its goal is to improve overall performance, reduce significant lags, and extend battery life. After rooting, you can download  L Speed from Google Play to improve your device's overall performance and save power life with it.

Why do we need to improve the performance with rooting

    Rooting is jailbreaking for Androids. It allows users to gain access to a phone’s sub-system and allows you to access the entire operating system and customize just about anything on your Android. You can overclock processor to increase the speed of the device.

    Even though some apps enable users to move some softwares to the external storage, developers are still required to add support for this feature manually. So the storage space inevitably runs out. You need to obtain root access to use the best apps to help you free up space.

How to speed up via KingoRoot

KingoRoot comes with both KingoRoot Android (PC Version) and KingoRoot (APK Version) and offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting experience for almost all devices and have higher success rate. It is a one-click root for any android device and you can operate it even you are not tech-savvy. KingoRoot works by giving you the administrator level access on your phone. It enables you to use the softwares that are exclusively available with rooted devices to optimize your device. Thus you can manage the device according to your preference. You have the administrative right to remove bloatwares to inscrease its speed and you can then flash it with custom ROMs that may work better on your device, enhance the performance and battery life of your phone.

    There are many ways to speed up your device. You can choose the method based on the issues your device have.